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Socialism is “Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket”

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Our entire lives we are warned, "Don’t put all your eggs into one basket." Why? Because if you trip, all your eggs will break! The same is true with our money. If the entire country gives up 50-90% of their money to the government, like socialists do. What happens if the government is hacked? There is no stopping hackers as long as we have things accessible on the internet. What about corruption? Let's say a corrupt federal government employee steals $1 from 330 million of us. They just stole 330 million dollars. Let say a corrupt state employee in Ohio steals from their citizens. That person only stole the population of that state. This means there are about 320 million less victims.

The larger the federal government, the odds of corruption increases because if 4% of our country is corrupt, then it will proportionately be reflected. That is why we need to keep things at a state level, not federal level. Making the Federal government smaller does not mean there won't be a government, it just means that the odds are less for corruption and less victims. It also does not mean a concentration of power if you give power to the states.

Socialism is the same concept as all those broken eggs. Anytime you take 55% of someone’s income you are making them vulnerable. Nowadays, with all the cyber attacks, no money is safe unless it is spread out in different places. That amount of people’s money in the government’s hands only makes us vulnerable to corruption from within and from other sources. Any time you amass large sums of money in one place such as the government or a bank, it is inevitably going to attract crime and corruption. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket like the government because if the government is compromised, everyone will be brought down with it. Socialism puts all your trust into a government that can be compromised.

If we stay individuals, our money is under our own control and it is harder for the corruption to affect everyone. This person may have $10,000 buried in their yard, another may have it under their mattress, while others may invest it in buying property.

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