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Trumpy Bear Despises Socialism and Communism

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Socialists have never been able to properly and humanely deal with those with handicaps and other problems that make it difficult for those individuals to carry their weight in society. The first people Hitler killed off were the handicapped. Socialists, even here in America, would sterilize those in society that they felt were too stupid to allow to multiply. Margaret Sanger was one of those proponents of selective breeding.

In his Principles of Economics, Frank Taussig (1921, pp. 332–333) asked, “how to deal with the unemployable?” Taussig identified two types of people that were unable to provide for themselves. Those who were elderly, sick, and disabled and those who were alcoholics and tramps. He used terms like “feebleminded" and "those saturated with alcohol or tainted with hereditary disease" and "the irretrievable criminals and tramps.” He felt that they should be “stamped out.” He foresaw that one day they could “proceed to chloroform them once and for all; but at least they can be segregated, shut up in refuges and asylums, and prevented from propagating their kind.”

These people all expressed how they felt, but when the public was outraged, they learned to hide their feelings. Progressives are not compassionate people. Nowadays, they learned to make their motivations sound altruistic but if you research their ultimate goals, you will see that they manipulate people and are willing to lie, cheat, and steal in order to achieve their goals. Don't be fooled by their words, instead, look at their results!

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