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Why Vote For CJ?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

I met CJ at a Republican meeting and was immediately drawn to her uplifting personality. I have known CJ for almost a year now and I have found her to be the perfect candidate. I kept saying that she should run for a position and, boy, was I glad to hear that she was. Here are a few reasons why...

  1. CJ is smart. She has a clear understanding as to the threat to the United States. She recognizes what the Democrats are doing and is determined to stop them.

  2. CJ has good instincts. Her investigative background helps her to recognize the (Republicans In Name Only) RINOS in the Republican Party. She wants to clean it up by exposing the RINOS so we can have trust in the Republican Party again.

  3. CJ is tough. CJ lived in New York and you have to be tough to survive there!

  4. CJ knows her guns and knows how to use them. I know this because I have gone shooting with her.

  5. CJ is a loyal Trump supporter. She saw the difference Trump made and understands the value he has to offer.

  6. CJ is a doer. She started United Conservative Alliance as a way to bring true Republicans together that may not want to be involved with groups that have cliques. It is meant to expose those who do not follow through on their promises.

  7. CJ is a fast thinker. Why does fast thinking matter? Because in a debate, she will know exactly what to say and how to respond. Much like one of my favorite people, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the girl can withstand any questions and answer flawlessly.

  8. CJ is uplifting and positive. Yeah, she sees what is going on and she is as ticked off as we are! The difference is that she is temperate, calm, cool, and collected. So, while she keeps that smile on her face, she is thinking and planning. She is also like Columbo because she is not fooled by a minute. She lights up a room as she enters it and sizes everyone up!

  9. CJ has a strong sense of right and wrong. She sees right, she praises it. She sees wrong, she knocks it down.

  10. CJ has conviction. It is not enough to recognize right and wrong, but you have to have conviction to stand by doing what is right.

  11. CJ has experience that will add value to any position she desires. She may look like she is young (no, she is not a spring chicken!) but CJ has lived a life of trials that she overcame to become a success. Anyone would be proud to know her.

  12. CJ is an entrepreneur. CJ works hard and it is evident in the results. That is what is important... results.

  13. CJ has a strong support system. She has a family of police officers and military behind her. Her friends recognize her ethics and morals and stand by her.

  14. CJ is feared by democrats. CJ's beautiful skin makes her enemy #1 for the democrats. (Yikes, did I say that? Yes, CJ knows I love her no matter what anyone says!) We are seeing attacks on ethnic republicans such as the conservative black beauty queens that were pushed off their balconies in Miami and the representative that was shot in her car in her driveway. We have to protect her because she can change the tide in our favor. In a country where half the country believes whites are racist, they won't even listen to a white person. Some of them, may listen to CJ! She experienced racism, she experienced poverty, she experienced violence, and she overcame it all because she does not see herself as anything other than an American who loves her country!

  15. CJ is feared by republicans. She will expose any RINOS.

  16. CJ is determined. The hurdles will be enormous and she may or may not win, but she will never give up. She is all in and will not let us down.

  17. CJ can handle attacks. She has been attacked before and she will be attacked again. They will not bring her down. Every attack makes her double down on her commitment. Recently, she was attacked on Eventbrite where the left ordered all her tickets to her kick off event so no one would be able to attend. We have to support her so these things do not affect her ability to make a difference.

  18. CJ is a Christian. She knows that this is her calling and CJ does not do anything half way.

  19. CJ has the ability to stay grounded. After all these compliments, it may make her head swell but she will realize that she is only a woman and ultimately, it is in God's hands.

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CJ you have my vote! Your a great representative for our state. Please help fix this insurance debacle we have in this state!

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This is Mike VanDemark


Apr 22

Good Luck to you CJ! I'm behind you always! Gerri P. Daly

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